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Kwijibo is a fun, easy to learn word online word game developed in the BYOND system. You can play against computer-controlled bots, or other humans. To play, you must have BYOND installed. The system is free, and allows you to play many games, as well as develop your own!

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Ready to learn how to play? It's time to Read the Rules!

Build Status
The game is currently in Beta testing. You can host your own Kwijibo games by simply downloading the files, and running them from within BYOND on your own computer. It's a great way to throw a party with your online buddies! Stop by the forums if you have any questions or wish to report any bugs.

Dev Notes Coming Enhancements
  • Further AI gameplay development
  • Graphic display of challenge words
  • Room creation with "house rules" and passwords for subscribers
  • Ranking and recognition system for subscribers

    Note: The word "Kwyjibo" was coined by Bart Simpson while cheating in ScrabbleTM. The Y may have been worth more points in his game, but the new spelling has more pizzaz!